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Binbin Zhang
Acupuncturist and Herbalist
Practice Hours (full day): Sat
Practice Hours (evening): Mon, Thu & Sat
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Yvette Forbes
Chinese Medicine Practitioner
Practice Hours:
Tue, Thu & Fri
T: 0451 262 035
E: tudaifu@gmail.com
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Private Health Insurance Rebate Available

Why us
We provide all kinds of acupuncture treatments in Maroubra.
Our AHPRA registered acupuncturist all have different specialised treatment areas. All our treatment receive Private Health Fund Rebates.

We are different
We offer high standard acupuncture needling arts and high level of Chinese Medicine Diagnosis. We offer research support gift card.

What we do
Top One: Pain management and Neurology Problem
Infections; degenerations problem; function disorders; Cancer
Headache; migraine; insomnia; sports injury; bell’s paralysis; diabetes
Neck pain; lower back pain; knee pain; AS (Ankylosing Spondylitis) ; Organ pain
Top Two: Fertility Function Problem and Children problem
Infertility (men and women); menstruation problems; IVF support
Prostate problem;
Pregnancy and baby problems
Top Three: Digestive System Disorders
Constipation; Diarrhea; Gastricism; Gastric Ulcer; Weight loss; Weight gain
Top Four: Disease of respiratory system
Asthma; Cough; Flu; Sinus problem
Top Five: Skin Problem
Eczema; hair loss; itch skin; allergy
Top Six: Energy problem and mental problem
Fatigue; Qi movement and stagnant; stress; anxiety; dreams; sleep disorders;
Top Seven: Eyes and ears problem
Myope; degeneration eyes;
Top Eight: Anti-aging and general well-beings
Cancer prevent treatment; anti-aging; immune function support; heart burn and pain
Top Night: Urgent Problem
Acute high Blood Pressure; Acute Low Blood Pressure; Acute Dizziness;
Acute Hearing Loss; Acute Blind; Acute Dumb;
Acute Vomiting; Acute Diarrhea; Acute Mental Disorder;
Acute Biliary Colic; Acute Appendicitis

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Shop 1A, 102-106 Boyce Road
Maroubra 2035 (corner of Boyce Road and Bruce Bennetts Pl)
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