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About Binbin

Who is Binbin?

Binbin comes from Acupuncture Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medicine Sciences in Beijing.
Her grandfather is a famous Professor Hao Gang who is an Honorary President of Nanjing Tradional Chinese Medicine University and a PHD tutor of Chinese Medicine.

Now Binbin is a lecturer of acupuncture in Sydney.

Binbin’s Practise

Recently the season change, Binbin reminds parents to prevent flu and cough on children and yourself. Read Binbin's Blog through her website, there are more tips, hope it can help more parents. Infant massage and little Chinese herbs are helpful in natural way.

Binbin helped many women have their babies in China. Although she looks young, she started practising very early. Many ladies like her acupuncture since she was still a student. At that time, they visited her home to do acupuncture, Chinese medicine and discuss lifestyles. Until now, Binbin still gives them lifestyle suggestion online, and they are following her many years.

Binbin followed many professors and practised at the same time. During that time, she had no holidays, researched thousands of books wrote down the important words...... When it comes to that period, many thanks for so many famous professor’s help, they taught Binbin not only knowledge. They like candles bright her Traditional Chinese medicine road.

About blood sugar control acupuncture treatment, Binbin has special methods. Through her acupuncture, 85% of 6.0~12.0 mmol higher blood sugar people can totally return to normal; and over 12.0 mmol Type2 Diabetes can reduce as well but it will takes a long time to return to normal.

Nervous problem, she followed the neurological specialist Professor Yang, to learn and familiar with many common nervous problems. Acupuncture is the best way to treat nervous problem.

Sports injuries are very common in acupuncture clinic; she can help them in amazing fast.

Stomach problems and heart problems are Binbin's grandfather's special research. So she has her grandfather's special methods. And she can use acupuncture to help as she followed many acupuncture specialists about that. She can use acupuncture and Chinese medicine mix well.

Cosmetic acupuncture, she learnt from famous cosmetic acupuncture professor Zhi. Professor Zhi is one of the writers of "acupuncture treatment" and "cosmetic acupuncture".

All treatments, Binbin will provide a personal and professional treatment plan and advice.

Binbin's acupuncture clinic is now located on the first floor of Pacific Square shopping centre in Maroubra Junction, with 2 hours free underground parking, you can come any time in any weather condition.


Binbin is a Chinese Medicine practitioner with 12 years clinical experience. Binbin was born in a Chinese Medicine family, her grandfather Professor Gang Hao is a well known professor of Chinese Medicine in China. Binbin studied Chinese Medicine with her grandfather when she was young.

At the age of 19, she commenced formal study Chinese Medicine& Acupuncture at Dalian Medical University. At the end of whole semester, she joined the study of Moxibustion by Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Professor Baixiao Zhao. As a distinguished student, she received her bachelor degree of Medicine after five years of full time study.

After graduation, Binbin became a resident doctor of acupuncture in Beijing Dacheng Clinic of TCM. While at that clinic, she received formal training about acupuncture treatment of ophthalmologic and women's health.

In 2006, Binbin started formal M.D. training in Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medicine University. During this time, she made great progress in Chinese Medicine. Her tutor is Professor Lanying Zhi specialised in women’s health and beauty. Fortunately, Binbin meet Dr. Lihong Liu, and can join his Group to study Chinese Medicine. To be worth mentioning, she learnt time-acupuncture from Professor Yunshan Fan in Guangxi.In 2008, Binbin practiced acupuncture with Professor Jinhong Yang, Professor Zhongchao Wu, Professor Shaogong Shen, Professor Lingxu Kong, Professor Qingxing Wei and Professor Yunxian Zhou at China Academy of Chinese Medicine Sciences in Beijing.

After graduated, Binbin became a registered Practitioner in the Acupuncture Department specialised in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. She came to Australia with her husband and son, and established her practice in Sydney. Binbin is an accredited member of Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA). She is also an accredited member and Director of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Society of Australia (CMASA).


Master degrees of Medicine majored in Acupuncture, Moxibusion and Tuina from China
Bachelor degrees of Medicine majored in Acupuncture, Moxibusion and Tuina from China
Binbin's Story

Binbin's Calligraphy

Professor Hao Gang

Professor Shen Shaogong

Professor Kong Lingxu

Professor Zhou Yunxian

Professor Yang Jinhong

Professor Wei Zhengxiu


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